One of the best parts of our job is getting to go to lots of lovely weddings. We've catered festival style weddings, barn weddings, heritage building wedding, yacht club weddings and more. Each has been unique but what all have shared is a relaxed, fun & happy vibe. 

We thought we would run through the set up for a wedding so any of you future mr & mrs's can get a good idea about whether Pizza Wagon might be right for your wedding....

From the day you first inquire you can expect us to be open and receptive to all your ideas, we love chatting about your plans and offering advice if you'd like it. For weddings we normally offer packages by the pizza but on special occasions can arrange 'all you can eat'. You can pick any 5 pizzas from our seasonal menu for us to cook on your special day. We can do gluten free pizzas and cater for lactose & fructose intolerant guests. We can also offer professional and friendly wait staff to help your day run as smoothly as possible.

On the day we would normally arrive 1hr30 minutes (earlier upon arrangement) before you would like us to serve. We'll get the fire roaring, write the personalised blackboards, hang up the flower basket & fairy lights, pop tea lights in jars and get ready for service. We will cook non stop, rotating through the pizzas. We believe the best way is for guests to grab slices from a waitress or from the van counter. Sharing is the quickest way to make sure everyone is fed, plus all the pizzas are so yummy it's great to be able to try everything!

If you would like us to pause for a little while for speeches, cake cutting, etc you can tell us on the day.

We can provide plates and napkins but if you would like us to use something special do let us know. We present our pizzas on our lovely wooden pizza peels.

If you are thinking of having more than one food truck we can advise you on some of the best food trucks in Melbourne to have along side us.

To lock in a booking we require a 20% deposit. You can estimate the amount of pizzas you would like at this stage and always change the amount down the line, as we know guests lists can go up and down.

If you are planning a wedding from September 2015 onwards then we will soon have something very special that you can add to your wedding. We are currently working on a gorgeous gelato cart to go with our van.  So watch this space for updates, yay gelato!

Bookings are coming in fast for weddings next spring, summer & even autumn so get in quick!

If you are planning your wedding and have any questions please get in touch at

One weekend two quirkily wonderful markets

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of attending two more alternative markets. The first was the Nanna Cool Falling For You market and the second was Belgrave Big Dreams Market.

Nanna Cool has a market every two months and this months market had a lovely autumn theme. They celebrate the handmade and the homemade with gusto. At this stage it's only a small market but with great themes i can see them growing with every market.  

Belgrave Big Dreams is a bigger, monthly market up in the hills with gorgeous stalls and interesting punters.  You can tell they really care about the finer details and creating a special atmosphere. They set up a wonderful table and chairs arrangement in front of our van, they even decorated it with flowers in a pot, we loved it.

The weather was great all weekend and we had a lovely time. We met lots of new people including Emma and Boris who saw us at Nanna Cool and then came to Belgrave Big Dreams to see us again, we're now booked in to cater their wedding in July!

We had our first run with our Breakfast pizza too - Panchetta rashers, cherry tomatoes, swiss brown mushrooms, san marzano tomato, fior di latte, parmesan, basil, olive oil. It went down a treat :-).

Hopefully we'll be back at both markets soon.

table set up at belgrave big dreams

table set up at belgrave big dreams

Italy, Sorrento

So we have the van and the oven but we thought it was about time we learnt how to make some really good pizza .At the start of September we packed our bags and set off for Italy to embark on a 5 day pizza course. We flew in to Naples then took a bus down toSorrento which is situated on the beautifulAmalfi Coast.

The course was run through ‘Mami Camilla’ cooking school who conveniently also ran a b’n’b, so we stayed with them too. Our teacher was a big Italian guy calledBiagio (we called him chef) with a deep voice and the biggest hands in Italy. Each day we arrived and there were bowls of the freshest ingredients we’d ever seen. Beautifully rosie SanMarzano tomatoes, piles of freshly picked vegetables, packet upon packet of creamy, tangy mozzarella and layers of delicious dry cured meats. We spent our days nibbling,kneading, rolling, drizzling, scattering, frying, chopping and flat out eating. Without fail at every lunch time chefs family members and friends would walk through the doors and help us devour all the pizza we’d made. We were surrounded by people who loved food and simple, fresh ingredients - we felt inspired and very happy.

We learnt that pizza, is in some ways very simple. You make the dough, you rest the dough, you put the toppings on, you cook the pizza and actually there’s only so much you can be taught, from there it’s just practice. But to really understand the dough, to be able to tell from touch if it needs a little more water or to rest a little longer only comes with experience. There is no exact science, every day is different, even the weather can affect your dough!

We ate a lot and learnt a lot and feel we have a strong basis to go forward with on our pizza making journey. The pizzas we learnt to makeare not fancy just fresh and we plan to take this ethos forward with us as Pizza Wagon.

In our free time we went to Pompeii, rode a scooter down theAmalfi coast, took a boat to Capri and ate the most delicious pasta, seafood, cheese andgelato. Mini blogs and photos of our pizza classes and all our free time will pop up on here so keep an eye out, but for now here are a few photos of us making some of our first pizzas!

Logo Brainstorming

Around mid-august we had dinner with my wonderfully talented aunty Sara. She, along with a couple of her work colleagues, had started work on our logo. Sara had chopped out the potential logo and stuck it on to paper bags, napkins, pizza boxes and even on to a photo of a citroen h van. We hadn’t quite got the colours down yet but the design was well on it’s way. It really helped us to visualise what Pizza Wagon was going to become and we will be forever grateful for all the time she put in.

Around mid-august we had dinner with my wonderfully talented aunty Sara. She, along with a couple of her work colleagues, had started work on our logo. Sara had chopped out the potential logo and stuck it on to paper bags, napkins, pizza boxes and even on to a photo of a citroen h van. We hadn’t quite got the colours down yet but the design was well on it’s way. It really helped us to visualise what Pizza Wagon was going to become and we will be forever grateful for all the time she put in.

Van Plans

Having bought the van and the oven we needed to find a company to turn our van in to a dream pizza making machine. We were recommended a company called ‘Towability’ who have lots of experience refurbishing Citroen H Vans as well as much bigger trailers and are currently working on vans for Mr Jamie Oliver. With the dream team of Towablity and Jay the pizza van guru we came up with these plans.

rou#hvan#pp#001#2 sht 4.jpg
rou#hvan#pp#001#2 sht 3.jpg

The Oven

After getting ourselves a van next on our list was the oven. We went up to see a guy called Jay at Dingley Dell Enterprises. Jay is a chatty South African who started his own mobile pizza business and has now moved on to making wood fire pizza ovens. He wooed and impressed us very quickly and we had soon signed up to buy an oven. Not only did he make us an oven but he gave us heaps of advice about running a mobile pizza business. He makes the ovens out of wire mesh, expanded clay and refractory cements. Ours is 4ft long, 3ft wide and 2ft high and on a tear drop shaped base. It came with pizza peels, a coal hook, blow pipes, a fire basket and thermometer. We haven’t used any of it yet as we needed to keep it squeaky clean for Australian customs but we can’t wait to fire it up and get cooking in it once it gets here. 

Citroen H Van

Here she is! Last spring we went to H Van world (less a world, more someone’s garden) and shortly after bought this little lovely. Nicknamed the ‘French Toaster’ H Vans were born out of World War II and produced by Citroen in France and Belgium up until 1981. Ours was produced in 1977, is left hand drive, has a long wheel base, hatch’s on both sides, a booming 58 horsepower engine, 3 speed transmission and was just what we were looking for! Since we bought it we’ve given it a bit of a makeover on the inside and out. This is it in it’s original form, it was a very exciting day.

The Beginning

In the photo below is me (Hannah) and Zak last February in a very chilly Prague. Two years before this photo was taken we met in another chilly town called Whistler in Canada. Since Whistler we’ve bounced around the world soaking up new sights, cultures and experiences. We’ve lived in Zak’s home town of Melbourne and we’ve spent the last 18 months living in my home, London. This is where Pizza Wagon was born.

On an unusually sunny day last October, Zak, my dad and i were sat outside a cafe in Muswell Hill in London and we got to talking about the boom of mobile food vans in London. My dad mentioned that when he was a youngster he’d seen a mobile pizza van in the South of France and he’d always dreamed of starting one up. Feeling inspired and full of ideas we went home and started writing a business plan. A little over a year later we are now back in Melbourne and in a couple of months we plan to be hitting the streets selling wood fired pizza from our gorgeous 1977 Citroen ‘H’ van. We’ve decided to keep a blog to recap our journey so far and to share what ever ups and downs we have ahead of us. So here’s to a happy future filled with delicious pizza!