Italy, Sorrento

So we have the van and the oven but we thought it was about time we learnt how to make some really good pizza .At the start of September we packed our bags and set off for Italy to embark on a 5 day pizza course. We flew in to Naples then took a bus down toSorrento which is situated on the beautifulAmalfi Coast.

The course was run through ‘Mami Camilla’ cooking school who conveniently also ran a b’n’b, so we stayed with them too. Our teacher was a big Italian guy calledBiagio (we called him chef) with a deep voice and the biggest hands in Italy. Each day we arrived and there were bowls of the freshest ingredients we’d ever seen. Beautifully rosie SanMarzano tomatoes, piles of freshly picked vegetables, packet upon packet of creamy, tangy mozzarella and layers of delicious dry cured meats. We spent our days nibbling,kneading, rolling, drizzling, scattering, frying, chopping and flat out eating. Without fail at every lunch time chefs family members and friends would walk through the doors and help us devour all the pizza we’d made. We were surrounded by people who loved food and simple, fresh ingredients - we felt inspired and very happy.

We learnt that pizza, is in some ways very simple. You make the dough, you rest the dough, you put the toppings on, you cook the pizza and actually there’s only so much you can be taught, from there it’s just practice. But to really understand the dough, to be able to tell from touch if it needs a little more water or to rest a little longer only comes with experience. There is no exact science, every day is different, even the weather can affect your dough!

We ate a lot and learnt a lot and feel we have a strong basis to go forward with on our pizza making journey. The pizzas we learnt to makeare not fancy just fresh and we plan to take this ethos forward with us as Pizza Wagon.

In our free time we went to Pompeii, rode a scooter down theAmalfi coast, took a boat to Capri and ate the most delicious pasta, seafood, cheese andgelato. Mini blogs and photos of our pizza classes and all our free time will pop up on here so keep an eye out, but for now here are a few photos of us making some of our first pizzas!