Yarraville Gardens

Around a month ago we got our first street trading permit. Maribyrnong is one of the only councils in the city that don't make food trucks jump through hoops to get a permit to trade with in their council. They ask that you abide by a set of fair rules that involve parking restrictions, rubbish disposal and not parking too near a similar business. These rules work. The food trucks in Maribyrnong are respectful of the rules, other businesses and of each other.

Moreland council is another council that has embraced food truck culture and the trend is spreading as Melbourne City Council is currently running a 3 month trial with 10 food trucks with in the CBD.

How ever many of the other councils in and around the city ask food trucks to meet endless requirements and to provide pages of proof that you will meet those requirements. We would love to be able to trade in our local council of Mornington but they don't have a policy for food trucks, hopefully slowly but surely i'll ware them down and they'll be able to see the benefits of having food trucks on the peninsula. Who wouldn't love a food truck next to Portsea back beach on a summers day?

So with our permit for Maribyrnong we are able to trade at food truck hot spot Yarraville Gardens. On any given night you will find food trucks and keen as bean customers lining up along Somerville road. Some nights you'll find a complete truck jam of 14 trucks lining the street. One would wonder how well the trucks do with that many of them but the truth is the more the merrier! Fans of all the food trucks will come down and bring their families who might end up trying something from a different food truck, so everybody benefits. People bring a couple of beers, their dog, a picnic blanket and slowly make their way from truck to truck sharing and trying. Having a group of food trucks creates a great atmosphere and the more food trucks there are the more willing people are to come down.

We love going to Yarraville Gardens and have really enjoyed meeting and getting to know all the other food trucks owners. One of our favorite parts is that we all feed each other! We've had pork belly, corn and coleslaw from Gorilla Truck, pho from Nem N'Nem, salted caramel creme brulee from The Brulee Cart, burgers from Mr Burger, churros from Senor Churro, oregano and feta chips from Greek Street Food and the list goes on...

Yarraville Gardens even in winter has exceeded our expectations. We're really looking forward to seeing how it develops as the days get longer and nights get warmer. For any of you that haven't been before come along and say hello, grab a pizza and what ever else you may fancy from any of the great food trucks.