We like to pay attention to each individual ingredient, as we believe each ingredient should have a staring role on your pizza. We source quality ingredients and love spending time finding yummy combinations to make up our ever-changing menu. We personally make all our dough from scratch. 

We are passionate about food and love sharing our pizzas with you, our valued customers. We love to create a friendly, happy, professional and warm atmosphere for all to enjoy.

To read more about Pizza Wagon's journey check out our blog.

How it works

If you are thinking of booking Pizza Wagon for your event here are a few faqs:

  • We need a flat space measuring L6m W3m H3m to park in.
  • Ideally we would have 1 X 10amp adapter to plug in to, if not we can bring our generator.
  • We need to arrive 1hr30mins before you would like us to serve to get set up.
  • We can park on all private property, yay! If you would like us to come to a public place like a park we might need you to get council permission first.
  • Our pizzas are 11 inches and are best for sharing so we will rotate through your pizza choices, cut them in to 6 slices, pop them on wooden pizza peels (or something special if you'd prefer) for guests to help themselves.
  • We can provide napkins & biodegradable paper plates (or you can provide something else if you prefer).
  • We cater for gluten free, dairy free, vegan and most other intolerance's.
  • We have permits from the MFB and CFA that allow us to work on days of a Total Fire Ban.


  • Our minimum fee is $1100* and with that you get 50 pizzas, the two of us and the van dressed up and looking pretty.
  • There after it's just $14 per pizza.
  • To give you an idea of how many to order we tend to recommend a pizza per person.
  • You can choose any 5 pizzas for us to cook from our menu, including the seasonal specials. 
  • We do an 'all you can eat' pizza option for $25 per head (minimum of 60 people).
  • Gluten free pizzas incur a $4 surcharge.
  • We can provide a waitress to walk around and offer slices to guests; our waitstaff costs $25 per hour with a minimum spend of $75 plus their travel. If you like we are happy for you to provide your own waitstaff. Or if you prefer guests can grab slices from the van counter.
  • All prices are inclusive of GST
  • If your event is being held over 70km from Mount Martha there will be a travel fee, email us for more details.
  • We ask for a 30% deposit to secure the booking.
  • Your deposit is refundable up until 6 weeks before the event.
  • The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the event and is non refundable after that date.

*On Saturdays from Nov 1st to March 31st and on Friday's in December there is a minimum spend of $1520 on pizza.